In my last post about how to make money with blogs, we looked at why it’s still possible to earn with blogs, as well as a short overview on ways you can monetize them.

In this post, you’ll discover some specific resources you can use to make money online with every blog you create.

Let’s get started!
How To Make Money With Blogs Using Affiliate Programs

One example of how you might promote a product, site or service as an affiliate, is my empower network review post.

Affiliate marketing is a very popular (and powerful!) way of not only making money with blogs, but online in general.

You’re able to promote other people’s products and earn a commission for every sale you make. That means you can skip the process of figuring out what product to create and jump right to finding great products to sell.

Resources to check out:

ClickBank.com – Probably the biggest resource for products you can promote as an affiliate. There are TONS there to check out!

EmpowerNetwork.com – That’s my affiliate link for the program. As a member, you earn 100% commission on every sale.

How To Make Money With Blogs Using Advertising

There are two main types of advertising here:

Automated advertising
Paid advertising

When most people start learning how to make money with blogs, these two methods are probably the most common to start with.

Automated Advertising

Programs like Google Adsense allow any site owner, including bloggers, to display ads that are related to the content of their site.

As traffic comes to your site, ads are displayed. Each time someone decides to click on an ad, you receive a portion of the money Google earns.

Some marketers make a full-time income using this method. However, if you’re just starting out, you’ll need to learn the fundamentals of keyword research and how to target those keywords.

Paid Advertising

Once your site is established and generating a nice amount of traffic, you can justify charging individuals or companies to advertise on your site.

Paid advertising is wonderful, because you get paid to host the ad itself. You don’t have to generate a certain amount of clicks to make it profitable.

Of course, in order to keep your advertisers happy, you should still make sure to maintain traffic to your site. Otherwise, it will be hard to justify the next time they consider advertising.

Resources to check out:

Google Adsense

How To Make Money With Blogs Using Memberships

Memberships are probably the most profitable option of all, because they allow you to create passive, recurring income.

Even traditional print publications—magazines, newspapers, etc.—have started to offer different types of online paid memberships.

And the reason why is simple:

It’s much more cost-effective…
It’s another way to reach their market and generate extra sales…

If you look at some of the top online marketers, you’ll notice that creating membership sites is the best option for building a long-term business.

Even if you’re just learning how to make money with blogs, it takes the same amount of effort to drive traffic to a site, regardless of what the offer is.

So imagine that instead of your visitors paying you a one-time fee for a product, they pay you every month for access to your membership!

How To Make Money With Blogs And List Building

If you’ve been involved with online marketing for any amount of time, you’ve no doubt heard the cliche: “the money is in the list”.

Some bloggers offer digital products or e-courses related to their blog’s topic, as a way to collect leads.

Really, list building ties in with the first option—affiliate marketing—because you’ll likely use your list as a way to market future products.

It’s also a great way to build a relationship with your readers…

Really, how you choose to make money with your blog is all about preference.

Some people love creating their own products, while others are better at keyword research and driving traffic.

Plus, there’s nothing stopping you from combining each method!


Short answer? Yes, it is still very possible for anyone to make money with blogs. In fact, there are more ways than ever to do so…

The beautiful thing about blogs (or even just online marketing in general), is there is an almost endless supply of topics that you can write about.

There’s just one important thing to remember, when trying to make money with blogs:

Although, yes, people may search for what you decide to write about…some topics are more profitable than others. Other topics may even be better to pass up, altogether.

For example, a fitness blog will very easily blow past a site dedicated to how to knit sweaters for your cat.

Obvious? Maybe. But some people insist on sticking only to their passion.

The best thing to do, would be to make a list of topics you’re interested in and then work your way down that list until you find a niche you can write about.

Here’s the basic criteria for choosing a topic, when trying to make money with blogs:

1. Your market is social. They aren’t afraid to comment, interact with other members, etc.

2. Your market is passionate. Really, this is “marketing 101″…but it’s worth repeating.

3. The topic you’re writing about gets a worthwhile amount of traffic.

What you’ll consider “worthwhile” really depends on the niche and your ability to market within it. In other words, your term might only get a low amount of searches per month, but if there is a high-ticket product to promote then you may still be able to do significantly well.

4. Your market isn’t afraid to spend/invest money, especially online.
The topic is one you won’t mind having to create regular content for.

By taking those things into consideration, it’s very likely that your original list of topics and ideas will decrease in size.

Still, it’s better to do your research up front and actually be able to make money with blogs you create, as opposed to just writing your heart out and hoping to see a few bucks trickle into your bank account!

Of course, the real question is…
How Do You Actually Make Money With Blogs?

Honestly, I think it would be best to dedicate an entire post to show you specific options I’ve found to monetize your content. After all, I mainly wanted to write this article to address the fact that it is still possible to create an income with blogs.

But, for now, here is a basic list of ways to monetize your blog:

1. Membership Blogs

Having your own membership blog is essentially like having your own online magazine!

You can either choose to charge for access to all the content, or ask users to create a paid subscription for access to additional parts of the site.

2. Automated Advertising

Some marketers make money with blogs by making certain terms clickable in their content, which then directly link to a related affiliate product.
Empower Network
For example, clicking the link above will take you to a great site that lets marketers of all experience levels earn extra money online with blogs.

3. Paid Advertising

Once your blog gains popularity, you can charge other companies or product owners to advertise on your site.

You’ve probably noticed already that a lot of people make money with blogs by using ads, such as banner ads.

Sometimes, however, these banners may have been provided by affiliate programs and only earn the blogger money when someone clicks through and buy.

On the other hand, selling advertising space is great, because you only have to worry about hosting the ad itself!

4. Affiliate Programs

We’ve already touched on this one.

Basically, any of the major ways to monetize blogs (like above) can be used specifically for promoting affiliate products.

Some affiliate programs even allow you to earn 100% commission for each time you drive traffic and make a sale!

Really, there are many different ways you can make money with blogs. As I mentioned above, maybe I’ll create a post specifically about the different resources that you can use.

I’m still going strong with my own blogging adventures. Hopefully I can help you do the same!

Are you already making money with your blog? Have any questions about this article?

Don’t be shy. Share your thoughts in the comments below!


The blogging continues!
In a post last week, I did a quick review for the Empower Network. An obvious follow up topic, then, is what can you expect once you become a member?
The Basic Concept of The Empower Network
Over the years, more and more people have realized that it IS possible to earn money online. The problem, however, is usually figuring out where to begin and what to do to get started.
Fortunately, the Empower Network is based on the simple concept of:
1.) Blogging daily…
2.) Tell others about it, and…
3.) Get money for your efforts…
It seems like having such a simplified approach is one of the main things that has helped position the Empower Network—and its members—for great success.
Just How Simple Is The Empower Network?
In the review, I mentioned that there are some great training materials to help people get started making money with their blogs.
Behind the scenes, you’ll find:
- A strong community of like-minded people, from all sorts of different backgrounds…
- Dedicated leadership from Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe (“Dave Squared” as I like to call them) – two guys that have built their business from nothing and really “get it” when it comes to knowing the struggles many people looking for a program like The Empower Network are facing…
- An ever-expanding library of audio that contains a variety of powerful training material…
- The easiest blogging system I’ve ever personally found. (Seriously – I never bothered much with blogging before, and now I’m a blogging MACHINE!)…
- Additional streams of income, powered by the Empower Network and its 100% commission structure…
- Plus, the ability to get all of the empower network commissions you receive…paid directly to your bank account!
Who Is The Empower Network For?
One of the coolest things about this program, is you don’t have to be “technical” to benefit.
As a 53-year old housewife, I can confirm that ANYONE should be a perfect fit.
If you’ve looked around at some of the other empower network reviews, you may have noticed there are people from all walks of life participating.
People like:
- Teachers…
- Electricians…
- Construction workers (Dave Sharpe himself used to work construction!)…
- Previously-frustrated “newbie” marketers…
- Even other professional marketers, who still realize a great opportunity like the Empower Network…
Also, check this video out about those 100% commissions that come….directly to you.

Compensation video

For a fun look at what Costa Rica, working construction and making money have in common with the Empower Network…check out the video Dave has put together:
Click here now to watch his video for more info about what’s waiting for you at the Empower Network.

Oh, and have an amazing New Year!
What better way to help make 2012 the best year yet, than having the support of people that are already doing what you plan to achieve?
If you have any questions for a current member, feel free to leave a comment below!
Otherwise, here’s Dave’s empower network video.


It’s 3 o’clock in the morning of the New Year. As occasionally happens, my mind runs about 100 miles an hour making it difficult to sleep. So, what’s keeping mom up tonight?

Tomorrow after a too short 6 week break, I put my 20 year old daughter on a plane back to school. It never ceases to amaze me that yesterday this little girl was “my hip pocket child” never wanting to leave mommys side, and today she is a beautifully confident young woman (her dad and I obviously did something right). Of course she is more than ready to head back to school, her studies, her friends and her still newly acquired independence. The following day, I will drive my youngest back to school (she’s only 45 minutes away from home….within stalking distance). And yet since her college career began in August she’s only been home for a brief Thanksgiving Weekend and a 2 week winter break. Since she’s been gone, I’ve yet to call her, we don’t ask her to come home, but I will post the occasional annoying message on her Facebook wall to remind her that mom is always watching her…..and send her the occasional text to tell her she’s spending too much money! Our oldest is a 22 year old Marine Corp reservist, still lives at home (and his younger sisters insist he’ll never leave), works full time, pays rent and all of his expenses and is planning for a career in law enforcement. Of course, even though he lives at home we rarely see him. It’s usually just my husband and I rattling around the house. It’s a good thing after 30 years of marriage that we still like each other (most days). So why all the boring details about my 3 kids? Well, other then the fact that I tend to brag about my kids (much to their disgust….I usually get the, “mom, quit talking about us so much!”). As normal for many, I’ve been pretty contemplative about what the year 2012 has in store for my family and myself.

In some ways I’m thinking it’s got to be better than 2011. Let’s see in the first week of January of 2011, I went by myself with our beloved puppy girl, Jessie, and had to put her to sleep. I sat and cried on the floor of the vets office, holding her and talking with her as she labored with her last breath. Of course thinking about it now makes me cry still….it’s just not the same around her without my blonde, 100 pound retriever…who was terrified of water and thought she was my lap dog.

The following day I traveled to be with my dad and mom. We’ve known for the last year that it was only a matter of time before God called dad to be home with him. I spent 8 days with dad and mom. Much of it in silence as my dad found it difficult to talk due to the progression of his Parkinson’s Disease. While not much was said, we spent time together as dad intermittently watched football, napped in his chair and struggled to eat. I said my goodbyes to him after a week long visit knowing that it would more then likely be the last I would see of him before our reunion in heaven. Dad experienced his final victory 2 months later. A few short days later, our family and friends gathered to celebrate his life. After his memorial we all laughed as we remembered and reminisced about dad and his impact on us and others. We ate and laughed over the fact that nobody enjoyed food more then dad….and if we knew him, he was probably in line for seconds at the buffet line in heaven!

In April, one of my husbands bike riding buddies was struck head on by a 19 year old drunk driver while he was enjoying his weekend Sunday ride with 8 other friends…at 7:15 in the morning. 8 months later Adam has no hearing, no speech, impaired vision, is wheelchair bound with no idea of how far his recovery will progress.

We move onto June and before we realize it, the youngest rug muncher is graduating from high school and all of a sudden it’s August and we are moving her into her dorm room with 2 other girls. I had anticipated this day but didn’t realize it would come so quickly. The last one…out the door. We moved her in at 8 am and were home by 2pm. Of course we were asked if we were staying for the incoming freshman activities, but being the “wise parents” we are….we said as long as we knew where to send the tuition check each month, we were good to go. Our girl was ready to be on her own and she didn’t need helicopter parents.

September rolled around and 1 week later my older daughter and I drove from Southern California to Denver in 14 hours to take her back to begin her 2nd year of college. Kind of a mother/daughter Thelma and Louise moment…only no fleeing from the police and no Brad Pitt! Three days later my husband and I joined 4 of our closet friends for our annual trek to the Reno Air Races. We had been attending for close to 15 years and had no idea of the death and destruction that we would witness as a plane would crash a mere 500 feet from us that would take the life of 11 spectators, the pilot, while injuring dozens of others. It was only by the grace of God that we were spared and not more people were killed. We walked away in shock and disbelief at what we had witnessed, we also realized that indeed we were blessed,

The shock of Reno faded into the background and I began to prepare to have all of my “chicks” under the roof for Thanksgiving. As we had a quiet family dinner that night at home with just our kids, we received a phone call that my husbands 50 year old brother died unexpectedly after celebrating with his own family. My husband never said goodbye as we were to see him the following day.

And yet, after this year of trials, sorrows and milestones I still look on the New Year with a great deal of hope and joy. I know that my family is not the only one who has experienced so much in a year….just think abou Job in the Old Testement. I won’t even compare our losses to his! I still look forward to the things to come. Especially when I look at our kids. Will our son get hired on with the law enforcement agency he has been interviewing with for the last 3 months? Will our older daughter get accepted into the study abroad program in Morroco (when we were in college the only place we got to study was in the library!) Will our youngest daughter get accepted into the BFA film/screen acting program in April? She wants to be a star :-) ….and as long as she can support her dad and I in the lifestyle we want to be accustomed to, we’re all for it! Yes, like you I wonder what the New Year will bring us. I know that we will have our share of sorrows and joy in each year but I anticipate them with excitement because while I know that life offers me no guarantees, I am confident in my families future knowing that there is a hope and a promise for us all. Jeremiah 29:11

May 2012 be a year of blessing, abundance and joy for you!


Ever since I was a little girl (and that was awhile back!), I’ve been like many of you and have made New Year’s Resolutions only break them before I know it. After all, don’t we make them just so we can break them?! Here are a few of the “typical” resolutions for me:

1. Lose Weight.
While I still attempt this it seems as though I never achieve my goal – I always start off well but then manage to fail…besides, who can resist a perfectly made chocolate chip cookie!

2. Be a Neater Person. Obviously there is a lot of merit to this….as I’m usually able to find things if there isn’t a pile of clutter, I seem to fail miserably every time. As my oldest and youngest are a bit like me…and the middle child like her dad…neat, I’m beginning to think it’s a genetic thing.

3. Quit being a procrastinator. Uhm, like resolution #2, there’s nothing but good with this however just like resolution #2, my oldest and youngest are like me and the middle one like her dad….I’m beginning to see a pattern here!

4. Exercise daily. Usually I’m pretty good about this but lately life has been getting in the way…enough excuses time to get off my middle aged butt and head back to the gym!

Now none of the “resolutions” that I just discussed are bad, in fact they’re pretty darn good ones and I will attempt to work on them daily. BUT, this year I’ve decided that my resolutions are going to be ones that truly resonate with me:

1. Be a better wife and mom. Now I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for a little over 30 years and we are blessed with 3 great kids (22, 20 & 19). For 22 years I’ve been a proud stay at home wife and mom. BUT, there have been days where I’ve been resentful of the choices I made and wondered what it would have been like if I would have gone back to work. But God (being the God He is!), has caused me to see that those choices were exactly that…choices and they were mine to make. Now as I look at my children and see what wonderful young adults they are becoming, I’m thankful that I stayed at home. However, my job is not done. I will always be married to my husband (because I know I’ve got a keeper!) and my children will always be my children. When my husband comes home my daily goal will be to be completely available to him and our relationship (sounds a bit like June Cleaver!)…that means the computer gets shut off and I don’t stick my nose in a book. As for my kids, well one would say that they are out of the house now and the job is done but as I reflect on my parents and the example they have been to me, I know this is not true. I will continue to pray daily for my children and the choices they make and the future that God is directing and planning for them. I will listen when they speak, think before I talk and allow them to be the adults that my husband and I have guided them to be.

2. Spend more time with the ones I love. This year my 80 year old father and my 50 year old brother-in-law both went home to be with the Lord. While my dad’s passing was expected and a blessed release, my brother-in-laws death was sudden and unexpected. I spoke with my dad weekly, my brother-in-law infrequently. I cherished the time with my father because I knew that it would soon be over. While I adored my brother-in-law I was foolish in not remembering that none of us are guaranteed any days on this earth. I want to make sure that those who are left in my life will always know that they are loved and cherished by me.

3. Give more of myself to others. I’ve come to know and understand as I get older (yes, wisdom does occur with age!), that if I want to be blessed in my life then I need to be a blessing to others. Whether, it is a giving of my time or my talents (as limited as they may be), I know that one of God’s intended purposes for me is to help others find joy in their lives. Sometimes the gift of time and self are all that is needed to accomplish this.

4. Never lose my sense of humor. Without a doubt a sense of humor is critical to me. If I were down right honest with myself, the year of 2011 has personally been brutal in some aspects for me. However I continue to go on. I know that part of the reason is because I still have the ability to laugh and that I’m able to find humor in life’s situations. Besides, laughing has never given me a headache, red puffy eyes and made me look like crap…..can’t say the same for crying!

While these may not seem like “noteworthy” resolutions, they are reminders to me of what needs to be important in my life to help give me a sense of focus and purpose. Yes, there will be days when I fail to make the mark with my 2012 resolutions because at the ripe old age of….. “50 something”, I know that I’m less than perfect (darn it!) but given that my life is a gift to me, I hope to use whatever days I have left being a gift to others.

So, what are you “resolving” to do in 2012? Share please, I’d love to know!

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